10 May 2014

Drøbak is the cute little town that served as our jumping off point for our excursions in the Oslofjord.  I had not be out of Saudi Arabia since January so I felt a bit overwhelmed by the color and freshness of Norway.  Apparently, weather at the end of April in southern Norway can bring anything from blizzards to sunbathing, but we were luckily blessed with mostly sunny skies and cool breezes.  Growing up in the temperate Midwest I dreaded the cold hard winters, but I'll say that after almost four years of living in one of the hottest places on earth, I have a newfound appreciation for lower temps and the struggles of seasonality.  When the weather hardly changes, just from sunny and hot to sunny and really really hot, one day blends too easily into the next.  You forget to stop and feel the sun warm your face when you know it will be there everyday waiting to burn you.  So, needless to day, I was quite overjoyed to return the the higher latitudes.  My soul was craving some spring.

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  1. Stop, stop, stop!! You're making me want to visit Norway even more than I already did before... and I know it's not in the budget for a. long. time.