16 May 2014

While in Norway, we spent most of our time out at sea.  Our vessel, the Trygve Braarud (named after a famous Norwegian botanist) served as our floating classroom.  Thanks to her skilled crew, we were able to steam around the Oslofjord deploying plankton nets, fish trawls, and a number of fancy sensors that measure light, salinity, depth, and chlorophyll content to name a few. If you have ever been on a boat, you probably know that there is a direct correlation between the comfort of the journey and the skill level of the captain and crew.  You can have a very rough and rocky ride with tangled nets and chaos, or you can have smooth day at sea with loads of fish caught to stock your freezer and belly.  Needless to say, those of the Viking nation know what they are doing.  Our days at sea were pure bliss.

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