03 July 2014

In Medellin, the word sabroso is a commonly used adjective.  This word, meaning tasty or full of flavor, is not relegated to just the description of cakes or meats or Sunday's waffles, no, almost any great thing can be sabroso.  You might tell your friends that their new apartment is sabroso, or a ride on your cousin's motorcycle could be sobroso, or a picnic on a beautiful day could be described as sabroso.  Because in the figurative sense, couldn't you consider all these things to be full of taste?  The fresh white walls and wood floors of a new place, or the wind rushing through your hair and the little bit of fear you feel with an acceleration.  You don't have to taste only with your tongue.

Most definitely I would say that our wedding was sabroso.  The cake (half lemon, half vanilla, with coconut and blackberry frosting), the company of friends and family, the paella, the dancing, the music, the glowing tent, and of course the aguardiente were all completely and utterly sabroso.  We had a day filled with tasting the goodness of life with our hearts.  So much love and work was contributed to building our wedding, from loved ones traveling across the globe to be with us, to Pablo's dad physically constructing everything for the party, to months spent nursing flowers which would later fill centerpieces.  It was a day overflowing with the flavor of love.




photos by Rob Stokes

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