08 July 2014

While our night of festivities passed within the blink of an eye, I think it will last for quite a bit longer in the memories of those that joined us.  Because what is any ceremony or successful completion of one of life's stages without a party?  Nada I say, nada.  You've gotta get those drinks flowing, music pumping, faces smiling, and hips swaying, to really celebrate in style.  My husband and I might remember the verse of so-and-so that was gracefully said by our wonderful notary public during the ceremony (memory will be helped thanks to the printed transcript given to us after the wedding), but I guarantee the thing that our friends and family remember most for days, and weeks, and maybe even years to come, is not some collection of words, but rather, the fun that they had that night.  And maybe you think that this is a bit crass and in violation of the sacrament of marriage, but I would have to disagree.  Shouldn't the union of two people bring about a whole bunch of fun, not just a bunch of words?  I think  I'd toast to an eternity of fun any day :)  

I must sincerely than Rob and Tane and Cam for all of the beautiful photos that they took and were kind enough to share with me.  You guys are all incredibly talented.  THANK YOU!  (Photos in this post come from Tane Sinclair-Taylor and Camrin Braun)


  1. Brings Tears of Happiness to my eyes every time. A Great time and lots and lots of Great memories that will last a lifetime.
    Great People, Great LaFinca, Great Food, I could go on and on and on and on.

  2. I think all the Saudi kids should come to Indy and to the lake to continue the party! Plus Pablo's family!! Wahooo! What a party that would be!!