13 July 2014

After the wedding, we boarded our private jet and flew off into the sunset to spend a week in the lap luxury, sipping strawberry daiquiris festooned with little colorful umbrellas while cooling off in infinity infinity pools.

errr .... not exactly....

While libations were had and sunsets abounded, we forewent the popular honeymoon ideal and instead... two days after the wedding (yes we might be out of our minds)... we embarked on a full throttle adventure... with twelve other people.  I coin this insanity, The Friendsmoon.  And while the terminology is similar, let us not confuse The Friendsmoon with the traditional matrimonial voyage, because, ladies and gents, there will by gosh be a honeymoon, complete with ridiculous cocktails and ZERO other people (besides us that is).  I think this first private trip as a married entity is, indeed, a worthwhile venture (and perhaps a necessity, post wedding-craziness, that I might have overlooked), but we decided that since so many of our friends had traveled across the globe to come to our event, by George, we were going to show them a good time in Colombia, especially considering that we do not know when we will ever all be together again.

So, at the crack of dawn on the 16th of June, we, all fourteen of us, headed to the airport for a quick flight to the bustling metropolis of Montería, Colombia.  From there, unbeknownst to many of us, we would board two rickety old trucks fitted with bench seats in the bed, which would carry us three hours into the middle of nowhere.  And from there, as if the town of Rio Cedro (population 100 humans, 45 donkeys) was too crowded, we would walk another half an hour through the jungle, in the blazing heat, with a week's worth of gear, to our final shangri la...  Photos below are scenes from the road...

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  1. Holly Smokes. Talk about remote. I am pretty certain that those Bulls were not pleased sharing their path.