20 July 2014

When we arrived we found that the effort to get there was well worth it.  I have never before been to such an equally remote locale.  There were beaches that stretched for miles with no one but perhaps a donkey and a local man to urge him on.  We fourteen were like the Swiss Family Robinson, all living together in a great jungle with only our imaginations to entertain us.  And while we did not have to make our own house out of ropes and driftwood and whatnots, the one in which we stayed was equally unique and impressive.

Our beach-side bungalow which was constructed by Pablo's father, was built in the style typical for this region of Colombia.  The house support consists of simple concrete with slatted walls made of durable palm trees.  The open walls maximize the flow of ocean breezes, which are the only cooling mechanism on steamy nights.  The entwined palm frond roof adds protection from tropical storms while allowing the house to breath and surpluses of hammocks provide relaxing spots to read a book, drink a tequila, or converse with friends.  The front lawn extends just far enough to provide a soccer pitch and an area for the chickens to roam.  And just beyond that, lies the ocean.  Crashing against the shore, singing you a lullaby to sleep.

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