28 July 2014

No matter if your floors are dirt and your roof is thatched, when the Mundial is on, you will find a way to hook up the big screen and watch some futbol.  I have to say that I have never really been into organized sports and much less soccer, but experiencing the World Cup Colombian style was quite exciting.  The whole country was just so into it.  As Colombia kept winning more and more games, more and more yellow, blue, and red was displayed all over the place.  It seemed like all of Medellín was in a jersey.  And despite the fact that Rio Cedro seemed very isolated from the rest of civilization, the whole village gathered around television sets to support their country on game day.  I may never fully understand the point of chasing a ball back and forth across a giant field, but seeing people proud about their country brings on a kind of simple joy that is contagious.


  1. What an enigma. And the dog with lipstick. Lets hear 3 beers for Colombia Futball.

    1. Baahhhaaa I did not even notice with the dog! The photo is coming down!! yikes!