30 July 2014

This summer has been a bit of a weird one.  At least for me.  Rather than spending my days sweating out the horrible desert heat of Arabia, I have been partaking in barbecues, spending time with family, cutting the grass, listening to the pitter patter of rain, and generally enjoying Indiana summer.  With my cats.  Yes, that is right, the felines were transported across the world.  Which I must say, is no small feat, but proved not nearly as difficult as I had imagined it might be.  These street cats have been sprung from the confines of their second-story apartment in the middle of nowhere Saudi Arabia, to be let loose upon the world.  Or at least my midwestern neighborhood.  Birds, moles, voles, chipmunks, be warned.  Gordo might be too lazy to hurt a fly, but Loco is a cold-hearted killer.

Pablo and I have almost one hundred percent (I guess that would make it like 95%) moved out of Saudi Arabia.  Our lives, now legally cemented by the government of Colombia, are soon to take a new path. A path which leads us out of the troubled holy land, across the world, and onto a new adventure.  We will be trading in the stark sandy landscape for a very very green one, complete with some of the world's tallest trees and the smallest deer.  Pablo has moved there already.  The kitties and I will join him at the end of summer.  We are fortunate enough to spend the first few months of marriage on separate continents.  


  1. We miss Pablo this summer but we are happy you have been with us these short weeks. Even the kitties have acclimatd well...stone cold killer is Loco...Gordo, eh....
    Be safe as you head back to Saudi...come back soon. Love M

  2. So glad to have some time with you this summer! And the carb-loving kitty and chipmunk de-tailing kitty!

  3. Gordo and Loco look almost the same size in that Photo. What is not to love about an Indiana Summer. It has been great having You on this side of the world, just knowing that You are a phone call away. I do look forward to visiting Valdivia.