09 August 2014

... at least I was enjoying an Indiana August until I boarded my one way train back to hell.

I am being dramatic.  It's not that bad.  But the heat this time of year does make one question...
I would certainly say that a snowball has as little chance surviving in Saudi summer as anywhere else.  And my cool, calm collectedness is no different.  When the temp is soaring above a hundred and there is nary a tree-shaded spot in sight, it is easy to lose your mind.  Or at the very least, your temper.  And I must say that over the past four years of living here, my temper seems to have grown unusually shorter. Is it a direct correlation with the heat or is it a shortening of telomeres thanks to ungodly amounts of solar radiation or is it just a result of the reigning ridiculosity?  Hard to say really.  

But luckily for me, and those that have to deal with me, my days here are numbered.  I am back for only a week or two, inshallah.  I have umpteen million documents to get signed before I can secure my get-out-of-hell-free card and be on my way.  To fly back across the world, never to return.  Because that is how things work in this country.  You need a visa to get in, and you need a visa to get out.  Once I obtain the later, the former will be voided.  I will exit Bab Makkah and the doors will close behind me.  The life that I have known for the majority of my adulthood will be over.  The town that I called home will be lost to me.  The friends that I have made, I might never see again.  

And myself.  The child that I was when I first entered this foreign land and the person that I have become as I depart, will say goodbye.  I will load up my trinkets and baubles, sunspots and arabic phrases, my abayas, my oud and my memories, good and bad.  My baggage and I will leave knowing that this strange place has altered the course of my life in such a profound way.  It brought me my husband and travel.  It taught me about cultures very different from my own.  It showed me that persistence and boldness can be useful but also dangerous.  It gave me the opportunity to explore the wonders of the sea.  It taught me that right and wrong are hard to define.  It showed me the quick power of monarchy.  And it taught me that no matter where you go, make friends and wear sunscreen.  


  1. Em, you could write a book. Such fun to read your posts. Come home safely. Love, M

  2. And wear sunscreen

  3. Em, CONGRATS on marrying your handsome hubby and I'm dying to know where you are relocating too?! Much love. Your blog is always an incredible escape. xoxo