05 August 2014

Never ceases to amaze me that a place can be so full of color and life when four months out of the year the cold hand of winter deals grey desolation.

But here, the seasons abound.  Frigid February turns into green spring which calls in the brilliance of summer.  And while this one has not been overly hot, she is still flamboyant.  Some cool days and rain have plumped up the perennials and gussied up the grasses.  The turtles are enjoying full streams and the horses are happy.  And while we can all feel that autumn is just around the corner, we are soaking up the August summer sun like it will last all year.


  1. Indiana, and the kitties, miss you already! Good luck getting all wrapped up in Saudi. Love you!

  2. Does Saudi have anything like the Indiana State Fair? Jeeeze I hope not. Great pic's once again. Hope all is well at the Red Sea?