26 September 2014

Welcome to the neighborhood.  Trapeador, our favorite neighborhood dog, also welcomes you.  He is the friendliest neighbor a gal could find.  Rain or shine is comes out with tail wagging.  He follows me down the dirt road when I take my camera for a walk.  He offers his approval easily.  So I offer to pat his head frequently.

And while I must be truthful that most days since I've been here it has been rainy, the days when the rain finally passes and the sun comes out are spectacular.  It hasn't fully sunken in that this is where I now live.

We are only about 15 - 20 minutes from town, but once we turn off the main road onto our dirt path, the haphazardness of the city falls away and we are left with nothing but enormous cows, very hairy horses and all sorts of peculiar birds.


  1. Hah! I am not a dog person, but even I had to call Mike over to look at this cutie. Hehe, floor mop! Great name.

  2. Em I'm loving these little windows into your new world! Married life looks good on you (and if you could Fed Ex the pup to Melbourne, that would be okay!) x

  3. The "road" reminds me of the game preserve