06 October 2014

Its been awhile since I've posted anything.  Life has been surprising busy.  Pablo has been working long hours, I've been helping him out with some projects, and in general, we have been busy finding a new rhythm in our new life.  We have been out "dating" other couples and groups of people to find new friends.  We've been seeding, and gardening, composting, and trying not to annoy our landlord.  We've been fending off angry dogs while running down our dirt road, and enjoying real wine on our patio watching the sun set.  I've been dealing with the emotional upheaval of not being able to fully express myself or understand others thanks to a new language and dialect.  And Pablo has been learning how to deal with undergrads.  But little by little, we are figuring it out and mostly, we are relearning that it will all come in time.

A new little addition to our weekend routine includes going to the giant Feria on Sundays.  We take our big backpack and load it up with most of what we need for the week.  This outdoor ordeal is more than just a farmer's market.  You can find anything from old segagenesis sets, to children's clothes, to any kind of fresh produce (besides broccoli) that you can think of.  It is a smorgasbord of sights and smells.  

man who sells buena nalca (the strange stem below)!!  We have yet to try this one

puppies in a box!  Irresistible! 

favorite aguacate vendor


old man selling bread 

hey wait, I think I know that guy ^^

Guinea pig, food or friend?


  1. Some of the things in those pictures I really want, some of them I really do not want! I don't actually know what half of them are.

    1. You must come to Chile to probar!

  2. Sooo how many animals on Your Farm Now ? Are those brown things that are tied up, spare intestines?

    1. brown things tied up = cochayuyo = seaweed
      It is a veritable Noah's arc!

  3. It has been a while since I have caught up on your blog and I was pleasantly surprised to see you have landed in Chile! (and gotten married, CONGRATS!) All your pictures are wonderful and this market looks amazing. Chile really looks like a beautiful place! I was actually seriously considering moving there after I complete my contract here in Thailand and now after catching up on your blog, I want to more than ever! Would love to talk to you more about being an expat there if you wouldn't mind. Your honeymoon looked like a dream! Thanks for sharing your stunning photos, be well!