09 October 2014

There is no sense in going to the market if you don't make something delicious from your findings.  This past week we bought lots of greens and funny colored eggs and purple potatoes and spinach and tomatoes just to name a few.  With the sun streaming in the windows Sunday night, we (Pablo) flipped out a perfect fritata which we enjoyed with a nice glass of wine (I am so happy to no longer have only homemade bootleg fermented grape juice in the cupboard!!)

I think Gordo approved too.

And then later this week I got really ambitious and tried out Aga's Pierogi recipe again.  Soo many tiny little circles to later fill and fold and press!  They turned out more like ravioli, so we topped them with tomato sauce (I know, Polish people the world over are cringing), but they were tasty none the less.


  1. Wow, that looks soooo good! You guys can cook for me anytime! Love you, M