19 October 2014

We left the city and entered the forest.  The trees are so tall and green, when the sun is out to filter through their leaves, it is really beautiful.  

We drove and we drove and we drove.  I started to get the feeling that maybe we were lost, we had turned off the main road onto a dirt path what seemed like many hours ago, but then, just when I was about to say, "uh, where the heck are we?" there was a clearing in the trees and we got our first glimpse of the surrounding snow-capped volcanoes!  I know, right, v.o.l.c.a.n.o.e.s!  I also had no idea that we were living right next to lava spouting mountains.  Quite impressive, one day we will make a trip to visit them too.  But, we snapped some photos and pushed on and as we reached the top of the little incline that we were climbing, we were graced with yet another spectacular vista!  The sight of the sea with only New Zealand on the other side.  And it is funny here because that million dollar view belongs not to some movie star or billionaire, nope, it is just a bunch of sheep that wake up to that everyday.  

Oh, Chile, you are something else :)


  1. So nice not to be in Saudi anymore! Looks so pretty, some day I'll come for a visit. And then go to the end of the world with you guys! Love, M

  2. I was thinking how similar to Jeddeh it looks....NOT. Really does look pretty, just think Summer is coming soon.