23 October 2014

Hip, hip hooray for big photosynthetically active organisms!

Maybe the excitement for trees only comes after spending several years in the desert?  I don't know, but goodness it sure is nice to be able to take a walk in the woods.  Don't get me wrong, we had a lot of fun exploring the Saudi landscape, but there is something comforting about being surrounded by big trees.  Something about protection, secrecy, and the smell of decomposing leaves just feels good.  Do people who grew up in desert or rocky or coastal landscapes feel the same way?  

I like to imagine all the people that have passed by these big sturdy trunks, all the years that these trees have stood tall, through rain and wind and some very cold days, from when they were just mere saplings to now, magnificent in their commitment to growth.  Reach for the sun, spread your roots far and wide, drink a lot of water and you shall stand tall for many days.


  1. Wow is that a Forest or what. Those are some Big Honkin' Trees !

  2. I know the feeling well! Walking in the forest always brings me peace. LOVE the new digs, Em! When can I visit? :)

    1. YES!!! Please visit ASAP!! B-dog you would love Chile, you must come!