25 October 2014

View from the top!  On one side the ocean, on the other side volcanoes!

Can you spot Valdivia down there nestled in between the fields of trees?  She looks so very tiny from this vantage point.  Sometimes its hard to remember that we are surrounded but such beautiful country when we are stuck in traffic or trying to cross through the city.  While Valdivia might be rated as the fourth best city to live in Chile, I have to say that the city itself is not that pretty (photos will come in a later post).  Maybe Pablo and I are just spoiled after having the opportunity to visit some of the world's most beautiful cities, but I think most would say that Valdivia is a quaint and nice place to live, though its history of earthquakes and rain-begot-mildew has left downtown a bit tired.  But holy cow, outside the city is spectacular.  It is an eden for outdoor enthusiasts.  We have a lot of exploring to do.

Can you see the tree volcanoes in the photo below?

We could definitely feel the strong ocean breeze at the top of the mountain! Burr!

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  1. Wow, I bet there are some critters living in those forests? You two have a lot of things to see. Send pictures.