30 October 2014

I thought I'd give you a glimpse of the past few weeks.  I've had these photos sitting around on my desktop, waiting to share with you.  They don't have a unifying theme other than that they are snapshots of our current life.

Since moving to Valdivia, I sometimes feel like have returned to a place that I once new.  A real place, with real trees, and real culture, with real worries and real mountains in the distance, with hillbillies that speak their special way, and with cold weather that can only be cured with big mugs of hot cocoa.  In this place, I have neighbors that grow things like apples, and blackberries, lettuce and swiss chard and others who have mean dogs and spotted chickens.  In this place, that is the real world, I get to make decisions like "let's put a hammock in the living room" or "let's ride our bikes to wherever we want."  In some ways, I feel very much like I have returned to where I was before I ever went to the desert.  To a place where I am free to do as I please.

And strangely enough, I think that bluegrass is also the tune for this landscape.  Listen to my current obsession here.

^^ apple trees next door ^^
Pablo was pretty pleased with the hammock stand that he made.  We are also enjoying dinners on the patio!
Crazy spider web designs, drinks at the skybar over-looking the city and river
Best view in town!


  1. Fun pictures. Looks like You may have taken a step back into the 1950's and Middle America

  2. I'm loving the hammock--which is kind of shocking since I actually have an aversion for hammocks these days. But it looks so comfortable in the living room.

  3. You see how Pablo is resting in the hammock...as opposed to using it for high jumping practice?

  4. I see lilacs, apple blossoms, and rhododendron blooms!!! It looks like Washington in May! ♡♡♡

    1. It is sooo much like the pacific northwest, just flipped to the other side of the world!