05 November 2014

Rather than go to a costume party or stay at home waiting for small humans to rob us of candy, this past weekend we went on our honeymoon.

We decided to take this trip of togetherness four months after our wedding and exactly four years after we fell in love with one another.  On that night, which seems like so many Halloweens ago, we enjoyed the typical shenanigans of the pagan holiday.  We danced, we drank forbidden alcohol, he was dressed like a woman, I was dressed like a bee and the mysteriousness of All Hallow's Eve only added to the excitement of a new, intoxicating love.

This past week in an equally bewitching scene, we also fully enjoyed time spent with each other.  We ditched the kitties and the house and drove into the mountains.  Our destination was the Huilo Huilo reserve which might not be the typical beachy-piña colada drinking-bikini wearing locale that newlyweds often seek, but it was no less indulgent and magical.  In fact, I am now convinced that Huilo Huilo might not only be the land of Halloween, but it is possible that Santa and all of the creatures of JRR Tolkien's books also dwell here.  In between the green and glowing trees, the snow-capped mountains, the Mapuche totems, our own ethereal hotel and the frigid turquoise waters of the surrounding rivers, we glimpsed.  yes.  Reindeer.

the song of this place


  1. Looks like a unique and beautiful honeymoon that fit you as a couple. Happy Honeymoon! (Is that a saying? I simultaneously feel like it should and shouldn't be.) ;)

    1. Thanks Jill! It was a happy honeymoon... though indeed, maybe Happy Halloween works better :)

  2. Wow, that is some surreal scenery. Again Wow