10 November 2014

We arrived in the evening, it was cold and starting to rain, the road was muddy and we were tired and hungry.   But when we finally walked through the big wooden doors, we were met by warm roaring fires with over-sized lounge chairs nearby in which to sit, relax, and drink our pisco sours before heading downstairs for dinner and local wine.

My pictures don't do it justice, but the resort at Huilo Huilo is unreal.  The hotel is made up of several different buildings, the Northofagus tower (where we stayed), the Montaña Magica and the Reino de Fungi.  All of these are connected by corridors that rest on huge wood pilings several meters above the forest floor so as you are walking around, you get the feeling that you are walking through the trees.  Pretty nuts.


  1. What a cool place. Financially speaking can the local residents afford to stay there?

    1. Yes it was cool indeed. I guess you have to be specific when asking about the affordability for local residents. Pablo and I are residents in Chile, we have a local income and we stayed in this hotel. Now, could the average Chilean from surrounding towns stay inside the resort, no, probably not, but the reserve and trails can be used for a very low fee (like $2) and the hotel also has cabins for rent and campgrounds on the same property as the resort hotel that are very affordable. So yes, this place is can be accessed by most people.