05 December 2014

Life has been a bit nuts lately.  Most days we get to work around 8am and don't get home until at least 7pm but we are making progress, working as a team, and sleeping very well at night.

Today, though, we raced through our morning- he makes breakfast, I pack our lunch, both of us hurry to get out the door- and then we road our bikes to the university just to find that we could not enter.  Our path was blocked by some one hundred university employees on strike.  La Toma.  Or literally, they had taken the university and will not let anyone enter until the administration will negotiate with them.

So, Pablo strapped his helmet back on and headed back home.  I stayed, called a few people and we argued to be let into the university for the purpose of completing some important lab work that if we hadn't finished today, would have cost us a couple thousand dollars in lost reagents.  So, to some point, our fellow university functionaries are reasonable.  But now, with the rest of the afternoon off, I thought I would share some more photos with you.  Scenes from random parts of Chile.  While the landscape can be spectacular, the little towns can be downright wonky.  Buildings have a somewhat German element to them minus the precision in engineering.  A blend of latino-ness, colonialism, and Mapuche culture.

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  1. Wonky is agood word. Let us know how the strike goes. Love M