08 December 2014

What do you do when you're driving home, late at night, in the rain, and a little kitten is stumbling towards you, alone, sick and scared?

If you're me, you tell your husband, "STOP THE CAR!" You rush out, scoop up teeny tiny weightless gooey-eyed animal, you do a quick perimeter check for owners, mother, or other kitties, and back to the car you go. In the span of five minutes your household feline population has increased by 33%.  Your husband rolls his eyes and home you go.

So that is how Tutaina came into our lives last weekend.  And you might be thinking that now our house is complete chaos with two adult cats and one kitten, but Gordo and Loco appear to be terrified of the babe.  They keep their distance, or better yet, stay outside all together.  The answer to keeping cat hair off of your couch... find yourself a kitten.

If you want to know how we came up with her name, listen to this Colombian Christmas carol.


  1. EEE I want her to come home with you for Christmas! Just stick her in your suitcase!

  2. Ooooo, I don't want her to come with you for Christmas .... Although she is cute. Poor Pablo. M

  3. She is a little rapscallion! Sisters, you will love her :)