25 January 2015

Bright orange vests!  In laws!  Boat ride!  Penguins!!

Such a great combination of things.  Last weekend we drove down south and explored Puerto Varas (more on that coming soon) and Chiloe Island.  Our first excursion in Chiloe after deboarding the ferry was to visit the penguins.  I could kick myself for not bringing the zoom lens, but if you squint maybe you can see them standing up on the rocks.  Our guide explained to us that many of the birds were not swimming because they were getting ready to molt.  Apparently, they also don't eat before they molt.  I felt bad for the little guys.  After swimming across oceans and fending of sea lions and orcas (that would love a penguin treat), these guys then have to stand around in the sun without eating?!  Who knew the life of a penguin was so tough.


  1. What little cuties! Looks like a fun outing.

  2. Hi Monetary y Lucas! Looks like you had fun! Mimi

  3. Well at least if someone goes overboard, they will be easy to spot. Is the water cold ?

  4. It was great fun and yes, water is really cold! Around 10C/50F

  5. Monita...autocorrect...changed it to monetary!! Sorry Monita!! Mom

    1. I was wondering how that happened! I was thinking, surely she didn't think her name was monetary. Oh the joys of autocorrect!