29 January 2015

While my home was a veritable henhouse of activity last week, this week I'm flying solo.  The in laws left and were followed soon after by Pablo.  He heads to France and the US for a week of meetings.  In the meantime, I will hold down the nest(s). Our neighbors/landlords have gone out of town and asked us (now only me) to feed the birds.  Chickens that is.  And do you know what happens when you give chickens corn?  They give you eggs.  Pretty good relationship if I do say so considering that if you give cats corn, all they do is stare at you... or in the case of my Gordo, he eats all your corn.

So, what does one woman do with 10 eggs/ day?  I have asked myself that same question.  Things could get interesting.


  1. We have often laughed about You have chickens....now You do. Maybe Gordo is part chicken, or maybe part Pig?

  2. gordo is definitely 100% pig, we still love him though :)