31 January 2015

While the parents were here, we also went out to Terrazas de Centinilla to eat some creative empanadas while sitting, talking, and enjoying the view of the Pacific.  We had two giant plates of empanadas all filled with different sea creatures.  We ate crab and sierra (similar to tuna) empanadas, loco empanadas, and then we tried some of the more adventurous ones filled with cochayuyo, luche, and piure.  I must say that after tasting piure, I am shocked that this thing is so popular in Chile.  Pablo and I will be collecting around 4,000 of these small animals for research and by no means will we be saving leftover specimens for the kitchen.  Not only is it illegal for us to eat our research samples, but the things are disgusting!!

After lunch, we also went up the mountain to Parque Oncol!  

There were tons of little lizards out, like us, they were enjoying the unusually sunny and dry day.

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