10 March 2015

Due to the great migration made by the northerners to visit their south inhabiting brethren, we decided to partake in a particularly adventurous adventure.  Pablo and I saddled up our red rocket and drove the 833km/ 517.6mi to Santiago to pick up my sister and her pololo from the airport so that the four of us could spend a long weekend sampling the splendors of Chile's famous Colchagua Valley.

Our rendezvous went according to plan minus missing an almost terrific automobile accident just five minutes into our departure from the airport.  But, we escaped the gran metropolitan unscathed and made our way south along the 5 towards Santa Cruz.  The end of summer in these parts is hot and dry.  We took advantage of these environmental conditions to purchase a glorious hand-made sunhat and to pose with numerous outstanding cacti.  As we approached our destination we noticed the rows and rows of organized cultivation.  We could see the grapes ready to be plucked from vines, waiting to be squashed and fermented into something truly intoxicating.


  1. Yay! I can start reliving the adventures via your blog now!

  2. Very nice hat ! Is that the hat creator sitting behind You? Please tell me that the roads of Santa Cruz are not all dirt roads ?