13 March 2015

We arrived to Santa Cruz around 10am.  Even by vacation standards that seemed a bit early to be tasting multiple glasses of wine.  So, we decided to get the lay of the land and in Chile pretty much no matter where you are, you're a short drive away from both the beach and the mountains.  As neither of which can be found in the great state of Indiana from where hail our visitors, we decided to hit the road in search of some waves.  We drove for about and hour through some cute little towns and passed a few vineyards along the way until we arrived in Bucalemu, a sleepy little beach town just south of some of the more famous Santiago-getaways.  We stuck our toes in the icy cold water while marveling at the children happily swimming.  Then, with our bellies growling, we headed for a restaurant where we had a lunch that we will all probably remember for the rest of our lives.  The visitors got their first taste of some decidedly squishy seafood, Pablo had some less than cooked clams, and I enjoyed a corn and abalone pie.  

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