21 March 2015

There is something visually pleasing about humanity's ability to control the earth into giving us what we want. 

 And what could be more power driven than manipulating the land to make sophisticated drinks that when over consumed often lead us to act out of control? I felt almost like I should feel guilty for enjoying the vineyards so much. I know that the rows and rows of grapevines have replaced native forests that housed gazillions of beautiful organisms, but the shear organization of living growing plants is breathtaking. 

 We thoroughly enjoyed Montes. I had never been to a vineyard before so when our taxi rushed us out of town and we pulled up to the estate, I was stunned. Not only were the grounds manicured to the nth degree, they are surrounded by sloping hills covered in forest. But mostly, I couldn't believe how quiet the whole place was. As a winery that can house 2,300,000 liters of wine, I was expecting to see workers hustling about to drive this industrial process. Instead, we felt that we, our wonderful tour guide, and the two other people in our group were the only people there. It was intimately serene.

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  1. Whoooly Smokes is that ever a "bunch" of Grapes. Acres and acres and more acres of grapes. I love Grapes