16 April 2015

A random little post for the middle of your week...

Best recipe book that I've found so far: The Hoosier Mama Book of Pie
This book is the pie Bible.  One of my very good friends gifted me this book and I thank her every week when I am inspired to tackled ever more challenging pies.  Seriously, I have pie fever.  I am obsessed with making pies.  This week its quiche, last week was pumpkin, before that I made not one but three (!!) apple pies... one for us, and one as an apology to both of our neighbors that have had to endure visits from a very naughty cat... more on that to come....


  1. I want that! I bet Gordo wants that too!

  2. Send that pie my way!

  3. Gotta get me some PIE!