13 April 2015

The final vineyard that we visited was Laura Hartwig.  This little gem might not produce the world class wines found at Montes or Lapostolle, but the Hartwig winery has a charm all its own.  We sat out on the porch as if we were at our grandparents'  house and tried several different varieties of wine.    We and several other guests chatted and enjoyed the warm evening overlooking the vineyards.  The house staff was very friendly and personal and we even caught a glimpse of Laura, herself.  Laura and her husband, both eighty year olds, took an evening stroll around their property as we looked on in admiration.

As the evening wore on, we decided that we were hungry so we ask if it would be alright if we walked across the vineyards to a neighboring restaurant.  The winery kindly obliged so we set off in the direction of the setting sun and might have sampled a few fruits along the way...

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