12 April 2015

Well, it is taking me more than a month to recount the glorious adventures that Pablo and I had with Molly and Aleks, but I'm not finished yet!  I hope you can appreciate slow story telling.

Besides visiting the Montes vineyard in Santa Cruz, we also took a tour and did a tasting at Lapostolle, the french owned winery known for its tasty blends.  While our guide was not nearly as informative as the lovely lady that showed us around Montes, the tours of the fermentation and barrel rooms as well as the tasting in the subterranean cellar were pretty outstanding.

While savoring sips of Clos Apalta, we looked down into the underground wine library imagining what vintages might be found among the thousands of bottles stored there.  Perhaps it is the secrecy and mystique of cellars containing who-knows-what and the dark moist air of storage rooms that smell of spicy yeast and grapes that give wine half of its allure.  I don't know, but Lapostolle definitly creates a mysterious environment that leaves guests wanting more.

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  1. Is that Your and Pablo's personal Wine Cellar? Really spectacular!