15 May 2015

The southern hemisphere has become dark.

Though that does not mean it is not still beautiful.  It might be harder to get out of bed, drive yourself to work, and have your second cup of coffee having not yet seen the sun, but now I more often notice the stars.  And I will more fully appreciate when the sun swings back in our direction.  When it is cold and rainy, as it is most days in the winter here, we might think fondly of our old life with 360 days of sun a year.  But without the rain there is no green.  Without the dark we cannot revel in the light.  No, we do not miss our old life, we push through into a new reality.  And while my blogging might come less frequently these days, that does not mean that I lack stories to tell.  I simply lack the time.  As we work to get to know our new surroundings and navigate a small yet larger daily commute, my time for story telling shrinks…  that and the lack of reliable bandwidth in our remote area.  So, I apologize my friends for at times also leaving you in the dark, but I hope you´ll keep coming around.  One of these days I´ll get all of those photos posted… 

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  1. Great Moon Shot. Warm temperatures sure do feel nice.