17 May 2015

Boys and their toys.

Really, I do not get it.  I mean I think I'm a pretty playful person as are many of the other women I know, but there seems to be something about grown men and remote-controlled flying objects that we just cannot fully understand.  Just a few weeks ago we received our Dron.  One of our clever laboratory vendors had a promotion going that if we were to buy X amount of goods we could have our very own flying machine.  I can only imagine that the marketing genius behind this scheme either possesses a Y chromosome... or lives with someone that does.  So, several weeks after purchase, the sales rep shows up to the institute to deliver not one but several of these babies.  Because as it turns out, my husband is not the only professor dreaming of owning his own flying toy.

And while I am not very interested in flying the Dron, the little camera attached, which can take photo and video, is pretty cool.  Pablo has been making the most of the 7 minutes of flight that the battery allows him, below you can find a little video of where we live.  


  1. That is Too Cool. I want one. I am impressed by Pilot Pablo's capabilities in flying.

  2. He loves it! This weekend he's sad because its too windy to fly. Silliness :)