22 May 2015

Life is pretty difficult for a house cat.

After several weeks of stress, clawing, and the occasional full blown cat fight, peace has return in the home.  Gordo and Loco are on house arrest due to embarrassing encounters with the neighbors... I won't go into details but we were told of stolen hams, lunches gone awry, other kitties getting bullied, and worst yet, a certain orange-brown feline sprawled in the neighbor's bed.  Eh'.  Ya, que pena doesn't come close.  Reigning in the boys was not without its difficulties, but happily everyone is once again content to be at home.  Even little Tutis only makes quick runs out.  The rain and cold seems to have curbed her excitement for exploration.

And this weekend is a long one thanks to Chile's defeat of Peru during some war some time ago.  So, we are all enjoying relaxing at home.  Taking cat naps when we please, raking leaves, taking care of the neighbor's chickens, and Pablo is in the process of making us a new kitchen table.  I hope to show you photos of that soon... when he finishes... 


  1. Now, if I discovered a little kitty had snuck in my house and got cozy on my bed, I'd be delighted! Too bad we aren't neighbors! ;)

    1. I wish you were my neighbor!! We would have kitty parties everyday :)

  2. None of the three look to be under fed ?

  3. Tutis is SO much bigger now! Glad things are going well now!

  4. I want to cuddle with each and every one of them!