08 June 2015

I'm pretty smitten with our new table.

I must admit, however, that the only construction help that I contributed was to sit on the darn thing while Pablo attached the top planks.  Maybe dolling out beer and coffee also counts as helping?  But in just two weeks of its life, we have already used the table for various dinner parties and numerous other meals.  Our last table was purchased solely on the characteristic that Pablo could safely load and unload the thing by himself while he spent last July and August alone before I moved down to Chile.  So now, with our new mesa, we are very much enjoying the extra space and handcrafted details.  Next project... chairs and benches!

Thank you Mamor!!

I also thought a new project called for a new tool box.  Now I don't have to chase screws and drill bits around the house!!

Before staining she was also very purty...

Indoor projects are nice to do indoors in the winter... but even better would be to do them in a garage...


  1. WOW! Impressive! If professor Saenz wants to quit his day job, I see a future in custom furniture building!