14 June 2015

A year ago today we got married!

How has a year gone by so quickly?  In some ways, it feels like just yesterday that we were in Colombia, surrounded by friends and family celebrating our love.  In other ways, that day feels like a lifetime ago.  Since June of 2014, our life has changed so very much.  I think that getting married was the least of those changes! In the past year, we have started life together in a new home, on another hemisphere, with an entirely different climate and local language.  We both now have new jobs with different responsibilities and income.  We have learned to pay bills together, run a wood burning stove like champs, and decipher the chilean dialect.  In the past 365 days, we have bought not one, but two new cars and we temporarily adopted a new kitty.  We have both figured out how to live in a new country together, a country that is both far from everyone we knew and distinct from both of our own cultures.  And despite all of this, we've made it happily through the first year of marriage without killing each other!

We both decided that this called for a little celebration.  So, last night we put on our Sunday finest (I really need to bring some of my dresses from the US) and went out for a nice dinner.  Pablo surprised me with the restaurant of choice, the Naguilan.  We were both very pleased with the service and the food... and the company was pretty nice too :)  We had a wonderful evening.  I can't wait for the many more years to come.  I love you Mamor!

And... in just a few weeks when the break in semesters arrives we will be heading off on a sunny adventure to fully celebrate year one.


  1. You both look really Good. Happy, Healthy, Safe and Warm!

  2. Such a cute couple! Love you guys! M