11 August 2015

After climbing up the Cerro Santa Lucía, we headed back down and wandered around Barrio Lastarria for awhile.  This trendy neighborhood is full of bicycles, artsy cafes, and men with impressive beards.  Why do all of these things seem to congregate in the same area?  Je ne sais pas.

I snapped a few photos, marveled at some oddities, and then we met up with one of Pablo´s cousins and her boyfriend.  We are always joking that no matter where in the world we travel, there is often a not-so-distant cousin nearby.  Thank you large Catholic families.  But Mari and Mateo were wonderful hosts.  While we enjoyed beers and well-crafted sandwiches, they told us all about life in Santiago, which seems quite different than life in southern Chile.  Then, as the sun was setting, we headed over to Parque Bicentenario to check out the flamingos and goldfish.

We had a great day in Santiago, thank you Mari y Mateo!!


  1. Ditto Molly's comment ! Is that Santiago ?