06 August 2015

Twelve hours in Santiago!

Leaving Valdivia is a bit of an ordeal.  Sometimes it feels like we are at the end of the Earth, though in fact quite a bit of Chile lies south of us.  Most global map projects are skewed toward northern hemisphere biases, so usually Chile doesn´t appear so large.  It is, in fact a very long country.  But to leave Chile for any international destination (with the exception of visiting southern Argentina), we must first get ourselves to Santiago where lies the country´s only international airport.  As our international flight north did not leave until late at night, we opted to take a bus the night before, arrive in Santiago in the morning of the day of our flight, and spend the day tooling around Santiago.  

I first must note that the “cama superior” night bus is pretty awesome.  It is straight out of Harry Potter.  You board the double decker bus at 9pm, the bus attendant makes up your fully reclined bed, and then ten hours later you wake up in Santiago!  I was quite impressed.

Our day in Santiago was a lot of fun.  I had never spent really any time at all in the city so we had fun walking around, taking pictures, eating empanadas, and marveling at the surrounding Andes.


  1. Yay! That view is so pretty, isn't it? Looks like kinda nice fall weather there too!

  2. Looks like a Big Old Fortress Type City? As Molly said, looks like nice weather ?

  3. Right now in Santiago the mornings start out cool but by midday it had warmed up a lot! It was perfect for walking around the city. And yes, there are a few old colonial fortress-type-structures, though other parts of the city are completely modern!