20 August 2015

For those of you that have ever tasted arroz con coco, patacones, and pescado fresco derecho del mar, you know what caribeño life is all about.

We stepped off of our little plane directly into the tropical sunshine.  The humidity covered us like a warm blanket as we walked across the small airplane parking lot and into the airport to retrieve our luggage.  We made our way through the bite-sized terminal, and just on the other side, a woman in a colorful dress, high heels, and sequined hair-do-dads was talking animatedly with some other people lounging in the shade on the front porch of the airport.  We walked out with our luggage in tow.  Pablo and I stopped, looked at each other, discussed that there should be a shuttle to take us to our hotel... when... the sparkly lady asked, "Oh, you are the two going to Miss Mary?"  Pablo confirmed that was indeed the name of our hotel.  And the next thing you know, we zip away in a pink sedan with Madame Sparkles.

On our short trip around the island, our chofer-ess explained that in Providencia people speak English, Spanish, and their own form of Creole.  She also pointed out that people in Providence love bright colors because they grow up with bright blue water on one side and bright green jungle on the other.  I imagine that a pink car fits very well right in the middle.  But soon, we arrived to the Miss Mary Hotel and we said goodbye to our new friend to check-in and find some food for our hungry bellies.

Luckily, our hotel had a little restaurant right on the beach.  We made our lunch orders and washed down the fresh tropical food with $2 beers from our nicely stocked mini fridge.  Not a bad start to the vacation!   

coconut rice, fried plantains, fresh fish, and cabbage salad!


  1. Wait, is that an Old Milwaukee beer? That's dad's favorite beer!

  2. Thank You Pablo ! Old Milwaukee in Colombia, that is fantastic. I hope You treated Sparkly Lady to one.