23 August 2015

Why don’t we all live such colorful lives?

When push comes to shove and you are faced with the monumental decision… of painting your house… why would you ever choose… brown?  Chartreuse, yellow, turquoise, orange!  They are ready for the taking.  Do you want to say, “This is my house.”  Or do you want to scream, “WELCOME HOME!”  I have yet to inform Pablo, but there might be a bright pink house coming soon to a neighborhood near you.  

I was incredibly inspired by Providencia.  The life and color and community was effervescent.  Some residents might not have much material wealth, but they don’t seem to let that darken their world.  I think there are many lessons to be taken from the house built by hand, and painted every shade of awesome.

Ps… we rented a scooter and cruised the island.  With a total of 22km in circumference, we did two loops.

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