30 August 2015

If Providencia’s 14-some mile circumference is too much for you, fear not, you can scale back even further.

There is a colorful bridge off of Providencia’s northside which leads to the island of Santa Catalina.  With no roads, one path, and less houses than boats, Santa Catalina is just about as off-the-beaten path as one can find in the Caribbean.  So, naturally, we parked our scooter in downtown Providence and headed on over to Santa Catalina.  Walking around the sleepy island felt almost like trespassing in a secluded neighborhood.  People were going about their daily business of catching and cleaning fish, hanging laundry out to dry, and harvesting ripening mangos.  We continued along the wavy sidewalk path until it turned to dirt.  It loped along the coast and down to a small beach where some people were apparently learning to scuba.  We continued on and soon we found ourselves alone, in the forest.  Just us and the lizards and the path in front.  We continued.  What would we find at the end?  Buried treasure from pirates of old?  A galleon ship?  Mermaids?  All scenarios could be equally likely. 


  1. That's what I'm talkin' about ! Love that Blue water !