03 September 2015

What was really at the end of the trail?

Morgan's Head!  It is easy to imagine how this natural geological formation, i.e. big rock, would look like a menacing skull to privateers keen on landing on the island.  For us, the little hike in the sticky tropical heat was more than enough to entice me into the ominous waters circling the rock.  Pablo tried to warm me of the loose rocks, sharp corals, and potential difficulty of getting back onto land.  I paid little heed and found an easy-enough descent route, strapped on my mask and snorkel, and off I went.  Pablo, with a sigh, followed shortly after.

Unfortunately, the reefs around the Head did not appear to be in great health.  Algae dominates. However, we did see a few fish, sponges, and hearty coral.  Mostly, though, our little snorkel made us curious about what could be found on reefs further out from the coast... Would there be less algae thanks to less coastal pollution?  Would there be more fish?  Would there be bigger fish?  We decided to sign up for a dive the following day.

anemones but no Nemo in the Caribbean :(

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