11 September 2015

Besides diving in Providencia, we also took a hike to the island´s highest peak!  

While the sight at the top was spectacular, even better were the stories told to us by our guide.  Mr. Hawkins picked us up from our hotel in his big truck and we listened to gospel music while we drove to the trailhead. During our two hour hike, this man taught us about the brightly colored lizards, how the males are bright blue and the females are green.  He shared stories about growing up on the island as a boy and coming to the peak with his boy scout group.  Back in those days the boys would search for mermaids in the mountain streams that have now mostly dried up due to over-consumption and lack of rain.  However, he said that this doesn't seem to affect Providence boys because nowadays children hardly visit the peak because they would rather play with their cell phones and ride motorcycles. This man came from a different generation.  He comes from the one that knows impressive ways to open coconuts or how to fetch mangoes for a snack.  He knows how to hunting lizards and says he has never tasted more delicious meat. His generation knows what flour shortages on the island meant, that the general store would only sell each family one cup.   While he had some unfortunate stories to tell, the man oozed knowledge and pride for his Providence homeland.  He shared the natural splendors of his island with us while also giving us a bit of insight into the local culture.