24 September 2015

This past weekend was beautiful.

While at night, its still chilly, during the day it has gotten up to the 70s F when its not raining.  Last weekend was full of sunny days that we were lucky to fully enjoy thanks to the long weekend.  The 18th of September is Chile´s National Day, so we had half of Thursday and all of Friday off.  As such, on Thursday evening we decided to take our neighbor´s little wooden boat out for a stroll on the river.  

We walked down the little hill from our house to the neighborhood dock.  The sun was starting to set which means that it was at its most golden.  The Bandurian birds were flying overhead, lighting up their pale breasts in the evening sun.  The humedal, or wetlands that make up a large part of Valdivia, is the interface between river and land.  It is a place for the rain water to drain into and a place for baby black-necked swans to nest.  

We untied the little red and yellow wooden boat and put the oar rings in place.  Pablo had never rowed a boat before, so I showed him what I knew and then he took over.  The loose oars were trickier than locked oars but we were soon making our way through the humedal.  It was a beautiful evening, with beautiful company.


  1. It looks so pretty in Chile right now!

  2. Wow is that ever beautiful. Those are very rudimentary "oar locks".

  3. I love Pablo's determination. Thank you rowing badge, GBC.