28 September 2015

On the 18th of September we had a grand plan.

For Chile´s National Day we would cross the river and visit Punucapa!  We decided to enlist the help of our friends, a crazy Quebecois and a handy-capable Chilean.  We drove the five minutes to their house early on the afternoon of the 18th.  We sat on the porch, ate some peanuts, and contemplated which vessel to cross the river in.  Kayaks, inflatable boats, or the little red Lanchita?  We decided that the path of least resistance would be to take the little red row boat with Christian and Maryse´s 2 horse power motor attached.  And with that set-up, we headed across the river, at not-such-a-rapid pace, in search of National Day festivities in Punucapa.

Lo and behold, thirty minutes later, we successfully made it to the other side only to find out that while we were hemming-and-hawing over peanuts, the National Day celebrations in Punucapa had more or less run their course.  We missed the Cueca and vaqueros, but there were still empanadas and chicha aplenty.  We had our fill of home-brew cider, indulged in some tasty empanadas and headed back across the river.  On the way back, we were serenaded by black-necked swans.

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  1. I love that little red and yellow vessel.