04 October 2015

I thought I'd share a few more photos of Spring with you.

Today, while Pablo was busy catching up on some work, I took advantage of a break in the rain to take a long walk.  I just love that my legs tire before I can even make it to a paved road.  Our little neighborhood fulfills my need for wild spaces.

The land is greening up after a muddy winter. 

New installment built by the eight-year old neighbor boy.  His six year old sister informed us that no one actually wants to sit in the egg stand, that would be too boring, but if we want to buy eggs we have to find the secret hole where to insert 2,000 pesos and eggs are supposed to magically appear.  So far we have been unsuccessful in retrieving any eggs.

This old dog is moving even slower than last year, perhaps a haircut might lighten his load.

Everything is starting to bloom!

Dihueñe season is about over. The little orange mushrooms that were not harvested from the Roble trees are now falling to the ground to rot.  One can only eat so many mushrooms.

A wary cow keeps watch over the old German house at the end of our road. I always wonder what that place was like in its hey-day.

A few weeks ago we seeded some tomatoes and herbs.  We will wait until it gets a bit warmer to put them out in the garden.

The boys seem happy with the change in season.  

Working so hard at our little kitchen table!


  1. Love the pictures. Could you buy the old German place and restore it? Looking forward to November to see you. Aunt Cin

  2. I have to give a standing ovation to the 8 year old entrepreneur. Especially since the money Only goes in and No huevos come out.