25 December 2015

Happy Holidays from Christmas in summer!

With various other events taking place later this season, we decided to spend Christmas in Chile. It was our very first Christmas as just the two of us and in summer! I would like to think that we celebrated in style, albeit quietly. 

Yesterday morning, Pablo took his new kayak for the premier voyage (more on that later). I happily worked in my garden where we now have ample greens- spinach, acelga, lettuce- and the tomatoes, potatoes, and squashes are growing rapidly. We then got to some pie making, I tested out my first cheater's lattice, and we indulged in a hearty cheese platter. We went for a nice little walk, picked some astromelias, tucked into Joy's beef stroganoff and roasted roots, and set the gifts around the tree.

We felt very adult calling all the shots ourselves.

Feliz Navidad!

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  1. Oh my Gosh, that pie looks so good I tried to grab a piece through the computer screen. I love Your Christmas Tree.