27 December 2015

A few more photos from San Martin...

They say that the first step to appreciating something is knowing its name. There are few things that I enjoy more than learning the characteristics of the flora and fauna of a new land. From being a child wandering around northern temperate forests, to early adulthood exploring the tropics and coral reefs, and now in the south, recognizing what I share my habitat with connects me to place.

Go out and explore. A million little creatures are waiting to become your friend.

the roble trees are giants

spiders big and small

anoles out for some sun




massive experiments in the forest

how will climate change induced drought affect the forest?

funky moss carpeting the forest

trying to trap monitor del monte... we were unsuccessful though camera traps showed puma abounding

short tailed culebra!

one big happy family


  1. How do You distinguish between a short tail snake and a long tail snake ?

    1. that is a good question... I don't know!