28 December 2015

Besides flapping your wings and flying away like a Cormorant, the only way to leave a forest in style is by boat.

So that's what we did! The ecology course was lucky enough to get use of one of the university's boats for the weekend. The students took the boat to the forest, and we subsequently took it back home. Mauro navigated and pointed out the different kinds of birds along the way... the nesting cormorants, the black-necked swans, the tchuques, and wallas. I couldn't have been more excited. Valdivia by river is incredibly beautiful. Old German houses poke out between the trees, volcanoes surround the horizon, and everything is so so green!

It was a delightful Sunday.

all aboard!!

see the chicks riding on mama/ daddy bird's back?

tchuque flies overhead looking for something to prey upon...

cormorants nesting in the river fly all the way to the sea everyday to feed

I spy two volcanos...

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