03 January 2016

Happy belated Birthday Mamor!

It is a busy time of year... Christmas, birthdays, New Years, so many celebrations! This past Tuesday we had a whomping 25 people over to celebrate Pablo's birthday. We fired up the grill and enjoyed the beautiful summer evening outside. The little monsters ran around with their light sabers and vivid imaginations while the adults indulged in some chilean wine and conversation. It was a very nice evening and Pablo's first real birthday party ever! Apparently having your birthday on the 29th of December usually doesn't lend itself to party-making when most people are away with family gatherings. We lucked out that everyone that we invited happened to be in town!

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday Pablo. I thought about Your Birthday so many times, I wanted to be sure to wish You a Happy Birthday...and I failed, so please use this message as a really early Happy Birthday December 29th, 2016 !