03 January 2016

Happy New Year!

I can't believe that we are already three days into 2016. Last year passed so fast that we didn't even have a chance to solidify our New Years plans until the afternoon of the 31st! In the end, we decided to go camping with some friends. In order to avoid holiday crowds, we chose a destination seemingly far off the beaten path. We crossed on the ferry to Coral and then drove for several hours on rough terrain. We bounced along the Reserva Costera towards the river Colun. We crossed some rickety bridges, crystal clear rivers, and finally made it to the mouth of the river as the sun was starting to set.  We pitched our tents as quickly as possible and then headed out to watch the last sunset of 2015...

hanging out on the ferry!

someone is stoked to go kayaking!

pretty ladies... fellows contemplating with arms crossed...

we were not so sure about this bridge until we saw a huge truck + trailer cross in the opposite direction, what luck or we might have turned back!

aaaa! there's a wolf in our campsite!

are you friend or foe?


  1. Wow is that ever Pretty. Do You know what is worse than a Wolf in Your campsite ? A Wet Wolf in Your campsite. The Big Truck breaks the bridge, the little truck pays the penalty.

  2. What a pretty place! Too bad it had a fly infestation.

  3. A very scary bridge! Glad you made it safely, only to be mauled by a wet wolf and a horde of flies. But Happy New Year to my two amigos! Love M